The Night Owl: True Ghost Stories


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True ghost stories; haunted places, haunted people, and the mysteries that surround them. Follow host Stephen Belyeu and his team as they investigate paranormal events and those who are affected by them. Have a personal ghost story or haunted home or business? Share via voicemail at (512) 270-8859 or email

Stowaway Spirit - Part I

In December of 2019, husband and wife, Lukas and Whitney, began a new chapter of their life in a new home they purchased in Austin Texas.  They had th...
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Haunted Vision - Part III

A boutique vision center, nestled in the Texas Hill Country has been experiencing a plethora of unusual phenomena. The staff experience eye frames fal...
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Haunted Vision - Part II

With initial phone interviews and a preliminary investigation of Dripping Springs Vision Center complete, the Night Owl team learned that this establi...
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Haunted Vision - Part I

Whenever you go to see your eye doctor, you expect to see and hear the usual sights and sounds associated with an Ophthalmologist's office.  Eye ...
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The Demons That Haunt Us - Part IV

In this concluding episode of the series, the team work to help single mother Luna and her two children, obtain some much needed answers for the oppre...
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The Demons That Haunt Us - Part II

After fleeing their home for a week, Luna and her two children now return to their home where unexplained activity has plagued them for the last 7 yea...
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The Demons That Haunt Us - Part I

A single mother and her children have now reached a breaking point with the disturbing paranormal activity in their home. Over the last 7 years, they’...
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Announcement: A Night Owl Pause

Hi listeners, You may have noticed my absence over these last few weeks as I’ve been taking a break for my physical and mental well-being. It is with ...
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