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The destruction of Libya was a disgrace for the USA. Are fully injected adults at risk for AIDS? What is antibody dependent enhancement? Take high qua...
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Today is a barn burner show. It is a must listen green show. Ted does a 30 minute rant on how Covid is a Kabbalist global military/CIA psy operation. ...
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Harvard study questions kill shot narrative. The USS Liberty attack discussed in detail. Title Seven of The Civil rights Act discussed. The kill shot ...
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Ted does a 20 minute impassioned plea/sermon for the Pastors to wake up. This is a must listen segment. Was Jesus an Alpha Male? Ted reads Revelation ...
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Only Christ can stop the mind control agenda. Kill shot has nothing to do with Covid. Pastors must be held accountable. Why do so many sci fi movies h...
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Why are pilots so mad? Trump is still pushing vaccines. The supply chain is in an orchestrated collapse. Former Mossad head says Iran has no nukes. Th...
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Is the South West CEO just doing damage control? Trans male rapes 15 year old girl in school bath room. Her father is arrested for protesting? Biden u...
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Wow what a show! One of the best shows in months! Are you a victim or a victor? What is the reticular activator? How does your brain process info? The...
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The economic world engine is grinding to a halt. Who shut down the world engine? Who shut down Germany’s economic engine in 1933? Why are there so man...
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Will the FBI really attend local school board meetings? Who is AG Merrill Garland? Is he a communist? 400,000 illegals invade the USA this month. What...
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