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Hear and be Heard Cover art photo provided by Jason Leung on Unsplash:


This one is from my sister Tope. She is spot on.
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Where do i find it?

This is from Ajoke a very good friend of mine who is asking the ultimate question of love "...where to i find it?" Like, Comment, and lets help her ou...
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This was sent to me by my writer Friend. Its a sneak peak from something new she is putting to get her. I would let you know as soon as its done. TGIF...
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Birth Day Blessings

Today is my Birthday, I count my Blessing, and i am Grateful. Are you? Music: Uyo Meyo by Teniola. NB: please forgive the the quality, I wasn't in the...
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Moon Thoughts #1

To be a smile on the face of a woman  And shine in her memory  As a moment saved without planning.
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