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The Too Damn Early Show; because you can't watch TV while you're driving.

Episode 12: Trademark "This"

We're joined by our newest guest host, Ariadne. An episode filled to the brim with the weirdest of news. Things like a stolen gold toilet that was act...
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The State Fair Special

We're unleashed on to the general public and get into a shenanigan or two. Sexxi Dug is introduced to everything Midwestern and who ever gets the most...
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Episode 9: Ice, Cakes, and Rabies

What can we say? Mistakes happen and we are not unfamiliar with tEcHnIcAl DiFfIcUlTiEs. Another intern forgot to turn off the aiming guides. #Fired An...
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Episode 8: Do You Wannacry?

FIRST Uncensored Episode: Canadian humor is rather dry at times and Florida Man is the Knight of all Meth-heads. The news is definitely weird when Tac...
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