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A true-crime podcast with episodes uploaded every other Sunday! In each episode, our host Kaitlyn dives into some of the little-known real crime cases that deserve your attention. The True Crime Club intends to bring listeners through the investigation and details of the case in hopes that someone listening might be able to help solve it. While not exclusive to, the podcast tends to focus on missing person cases. Kaitlyn will explore some of the most puzzling cases that you probably haven't heard before.

SHORT: Unidentified: Julie Doe

In September of 1988, a man discovered the body of a woman who was thought to be between the ages of 22-35. An autopsy was performed, confirming that ...
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SHORT: Missing: Bennett Wall

In 1984, Joseph and Shirley Wall called the Albuquerque police department to report their son, Bennett Wall, missing. They hadn’t seen their 23 year o...
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1. Missing: Tracy Pickett

** NEW UPLOAD SCHEDULE** The True Crime Club has moved to Sundays! Check back every other Sunday for an episode by The True Crime Club.On August 11th,...
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M7: Murdered: Barbara Davis

On February 4th, 1980, 17-year-old Barbara Davis’s badly beaten body was found in the alley on South 19th Street in Milwaukee, WI. Barbara lived with ...
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M6: 2003 Shelby County John Doe

In late May of 2003, the body of a young man estimated to be between 15 and 18 was found in Noncannah creek bed in Memphis, Tennessee. The victim had ...
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M5: Missing: Alexander Roberts

Alexander Roberts was last seen on July 29th, 1960, in Phoenix, AZ. The 12-year-old had been staying with his uncle when he disappeared and still hasn...
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M4: Missing: Danielle Alexander

Danielle Alexander was last seen on October 5th, 2005, in Wortham, Texas. The 19-year-old had left that morning on foot for the nearby gas station; sh...
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Hello everyone! I am here today to talk to you guys about some changes that will happen to The Anti-Murder Murder Club in the coming months.As most of...
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M3: Missing: Alexis Godwin Duggan

In the early morning hours of September 14th, 1970, 19-year-old Alexis Duggan disappeared from her home in Tampa, Florida, never to be seen again. A s...
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