These Three Remain

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These Three Remain: A podcast about faith, hope, love and everything in between. As you press towards purpose, join Nathaniel & Faith Cole as they share life experiences and lessons learned to provide encouragement.

Episode 039 // Just In Case

In this episode Faith & Nathaniel discuss a habit they’ve both struggled with in the past: getting carried with planning and possibilities, “just in c...
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Episode 036 // A Different World

After a much needed break, Faith & Nathaniel return to These Three Remain with thoughts on recent events and their hope for a different world. They di...
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Episode 035 // The Good Ol' Days

It is so easy to look back on "The Good Ol' Days" and omit the realities we faced back then. In this episode, Nathaniel & Faith explore how we look at...
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Episode 033 // Perspective Shift

In light of COVID-19 and recognizing the stream of content from platforms where news and information are disseminated, Nathaniel & Faith dig into shif...
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Episode 032 // Ungame

This episode dives deeper into the couple behind the podcast, as they share a collaborative game that can be used to get to know your loved ones.
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Episode 031 // The Reset

Along our journey we may have several reset moments. Moments where we improve or adjust our perspective, goals, and even behaviors. These moments can ...
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