THIS is Legit Motherhood


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THIS is Legit Motherhood is all about real and raw motherhood. This podcast will open up the world of motherhood to those who are soon to be moms, new moms, and even seasoned moms to all the things that make motherhood hard and chaotic, but also the freakin’ awesome and beautiful parts of it too. I wanted to start this podcast because I wanted to create a place for moms to remember who they are, what they are doing and capable of, and know that they are absolutely not alone in this journey. Join me as I interview other moms in all different mom situations that you will surely find relatable. I also share some of my motherhood stories and experiences with you because surely I'm not the only one who's had a screaming kid in the grocery store or ordered pizza again because it was a long busy day with the kids. Listen along...and remember you are LEGIT mama!

Episode 64: Legit Fatherhood

We do a lot as moms. We really do. But what about dad? He does a lot too but how does he feel about fatherhood and his role as dad? This week I wanted...
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Episode 61: Love Your Mom Body

Do you sometimes get stuck on the negative changes in your body since having kids?   Do you talk unkindly to yourself in your head about the way you l...
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