This Memory Keeper's Life


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Everyone has a story. Hear how people passionate about memory keeping record those stories through scrapbooking, blogging, journals and more. We dig into the motivations for memory-keeping, the rewards of it, as well as those little details like where, where, and how memory keepers present and preverve their life stories.

TMKL 024 Lynn Grieveson

Lynn Grieveson talks about integrating political writing, digital product designing, and being a commited family historian.
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TMKL 021 Anna Aspnes

Anna Aspnes shares how a busy life and unexpected challenges benefit from loosened expectations AND the steady incorporation of creativity.
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TMKL 016 | Tiffany Tillman

In this episode of This Memory Keeper's Life, Tiffany Tillman, digital scrapbooker and owner of Scapaneers a site for digital scrapbooking education, ...
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