This Week in Dystopia

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This Week in Dystopia is a podcast hosted by Christopher Robichaud, Harvard Kennedy School Senior Lecturer. A podcast of politics, theory, and pop culture, This Week in Dystopia, brings commentary from the halls of Harvard to everyone's headphones.


Chris Lebron, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University, returns to talk about the HBO TV series based on the 1980s comic.Want mor...
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The Joker

We kick off season three of This Week in Dystopia with a discussion of The Joker. From the DC Comics’ character to Heath Ledger and then Joaquin Phoen...
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Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

When Beyoncé gives you Lemonade, make a reader (and a podcast episode). We close out season 2 of This Week in Dystopia with a discussion of Beyonce's ...
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Game Theory

Despite the persistent threat of video game domination, board games are still here and gaining popularity. And people aren't just dusting off their bo...
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Hail Satan?

The devil may be in the details, but Satan also has a home in Salem Massachusetts, the headquarters of the Satanic Temple. The Temple, both self-descr...
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Game of Thrones

Winter is here. Sunday, April 14th, 17.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the battle for the Iron Throne continue when the final season of Game of Th...
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America's Pastime

Baseball has long been called America's pastime, but some feel the pastime is just that, past. Do conversations happening in and around the NFL and NB...
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? SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't already seen Us, listen at the peril of your movie-going experience. Better yet, go see the film and come right back t...
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Social Justice, Stage Right

The theatre has influenced political thought since at least the days of the Athenian Democracy. Today, the tradition of theatre as a medium to spark p...
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