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We all have mental health at some point in our lives, so here is a podcast that covers different spectrums of it. Here we have chosen to openly talk about our experiences, struggles and triumphs.We want to share the information we came across whilst going through our ordeals. We decided to use this platform to build our community. If you find any of the information useful please like, share and comment and help us raise awareness, remove the stigma and normalise this conversation about mental illness.

Episode 4 - Work Place Part 1/2

In this Episode Vish and Aarti sit down to talk about the Work Place. The pressure we all go through and how the working environment can effect mental...
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Episode 3 - Sound Healing Part 2/2

In this episode, Aarti and Vish sit down with the founder of 22sacredspaces Ash Meraki. Join us on this extremely interesting discussion about the ben...
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