Three the Hard Way


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The best podcast you've never listened to... Jon, Mike and Chad spend an hour or so each week discussing movies, television, comic books, music, entertainment, nerd culture and more...

In Which We...Drink and Talk Sh!t

Season 2, Episode : 12Episode 12: In Which We…Drink and Talk Sh!tIntro - Talks of adventure and more!Jon talks Sony’s Spider-Man mess, Star Wars goodn...
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In Which We...Let Mike Edit Us

Season 2, Episode : 10Episode 10! We had a ton of fun recording this one! Jon talks Deleted scenes from Avengers Endgame, Venom 2 has a director, Star...
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In Which We...Have All The Fun!

Season 2, Episode :9Episode 9! So much fun it shouldn’t be legal!Jon talks X’Men : Dark Phoenix, Sam Raimi and New Evil Dead, Madness in the Method di...
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