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A podcast covering Pop Culture, Nerd/Geek Culture, Movies, Comics, Games, and more. Starring @bjdev, @chrisevans17, @ErikH1981, and @MikeAD2005

Buns and Hoses (NSFW)

In this slightly explicit episode BJ shares the tale of his recent colonoscopy and Christopher geeks out over the new Power Rangers movie trailer.
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No Woo Woo

Christopher and Mikey discuss Buddhism and meditation and, before BJ has technical difficulties, a little time travel.
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TMP - Misplacing My Religion

Chris from Too Nerdy for TV joins me as we talk religion and I go to a dark place for a bit. I think I blacked out. Sorry. You're welcome. Enjoy.
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Broke, with Standards

This week the team discusses the PS4 Pro, YouTube monetizing, Incredible Crash Dummies, Alternative Music, ITT Tech, and the economical beer buying
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Get Off My Lawn

On this very special episode BJ, Christopher, and Mikey unexpectedly become grumpy old men and spend the whole time talking about health issues and ge...
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Why Arent You Laughing?

This week the team talks the demise of Hastings, UFC and WWE drug issues, custom title belts, The Killing Joke, lots of visual references, Mikey's vac...
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Gathering Pocket Monsters 2 By 2

In a special visual reference episode Chris, BJ, and Mikey talk Pop Vinyls for WAY too long. Other topics include the obligatory Pokemon GO discussion...
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I Thought This Was E3 (EXPLICIT)

In this rare EXPLICIT episode (because BJ can’t watch his mouth after almost 5 years) Team Too Nerdy talks LEGO Dimensions, Computer Science Sorts, th...
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