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Try Harder is a podcast about throwing baseballs hard at high velocity, hosted by professional baseball players, battery-mates, former catchers, and current brothers, Robert Stock and Richard Stock. With nine seasons of professional catching, and seven years of professional pitching between them, this dream team of baseball podcasters is bringing their listeners uniquely informed throwing solutions and baseball opinions in a sleek podcast product that is unlike anything else available. In fewer words, Robert and Richard talk about throwing and baseball for about an hour. Subscribe at Follow @TwoStocks on Twitter

Episode 6 - Machado Talk

Robert is excited to play with Manny Machado. The brothers answer three questions from Chad Smith, talk rain delays. Richard wants to throw 98. Robert...
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Episode 5 - Trial and Error

Richard throws 95.1 mph, Robert throws 98.8. The brothers discuss the end to an offseason, trial and error, looking stupid, injuries, and the importan...
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Episode 2 - No Stretching

Robert guesses what his offensive stats next year will be; tells us why he doesn't like stretching, drills, or long toss. @TwoSt...
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