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TV & L Podcast 138

Craig and Seth drop late breaking news on tadpoles, Crate & Barrel, and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer. Oh. And video games! Discussions...
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TV & L Podcast 137

Bordering on consistency, Craig, Chris and Seth return to discuss Sony's Project Morpheus and VR in general, IGA leaving Konami, Continuum, Jem and th...
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TV & L Podcast 136

So here's what happened in the last three months: Fucking nothing. So we talk about pogs and baby lions and Disneyworld (because what episode is compl...
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TV & L Podcast 135

On this heartfelt episode of the TV&L Podcast, Craig bids a tearful adieu to his dearest friends, the stumpnecks, as he records far away in his new ap...
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TV & L Podcast 134

On this episode, the last recorded in Craig's current apartment, Craig, Chris and Seth talk about Mexico, unemployment, Miiverse, PS4 and Xbox One sal...
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TV & L Podcast 133

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Craig and Chris offer a juicy, mouth-watering buffet of discussions, including the Xbox One, the bevy of recent Persona...
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TV & L Podcast 132

Uploaded a week late, in this episde, Craig, Chris and Seth discuss the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the sale of one million units, as well as Brav...
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TV & L Podcast 131

This week, on the cusp of the launch of new consoles, Craig, Chris and Seth talk about... how disinterested they are, as well as the general fatigue o...
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TV & L Podcast 130

It's been a while but we're back in style! Craig is back from Japan and talks a little of his trip, Chris makes nonsensical jokes while inebriated and...
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