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Hi guys, I’m Olivia Schirmang and this is Tween Talk were I talk about situations that happen to tweens!!!

Olivia and Bayla

So today me and Bayla (my best friends) are trading our texts, I know it sounds personal but I will do ANYTHING for yall --- This episode is sponsored...
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First episode!!!

In this episode I basically talk about my life, and all about me!!! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. http...
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Falling Asleep

This is an episode on helping you falling asleep it actually really helps try touching your pointer finger to your nose it helps you calm down
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This is and episode about skincare how to wash and dry your face properly (Sorry I didn’t get to finish I will finish in my next episode)
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Welcome to Tween Talk!!!

Tween talk is a podcast we’re we talk about embarrassing or awkward situations in us tweens life’s, I hope you like Tween Talk
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