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Two regular guys from Iowa break down a weekly topic, in a top five format.

Episode 21 - PS3 era

Xbox 360 started it off strong, but the PS3 ended well. The Wii was there, too. Brett, Drake, and Bryan got your lists.
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Episode 20 - PS2 era

This generation had a lot of systems (Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube) with a lot of great games.  We'll sort them out with some help from Bryan.  Bonu...
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Episode 19 - 32 bit

Brett, Drake, and Bryan break down the best games of the 32 bit era (with a bunch of 64 bit games crashing the list!).
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Episode 18 - 16 Bit

Drake, Brett, and Bryan break down the best games from the 16 bit era.  Contrary to Drake and Bryan's opinions, some of the best games were also on th...
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Episode 17 - Best of 8 Bit

Drake and Brett welcome Bryan onto the show as they determine the best 8 bit videogames.  This is the first episode in a series which will determine t...
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Episode 15 - Board games

Drake and Brett share their lists of the best board games you can play when in a pandemic-caused bit of social isolation. Drake's got some tips for th...
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Episode 14 - Books

Brett and Drake have their own mini book club in this episode.   Missed the cut for Brett:  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Missed the cut...
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