Types of Refractive Surgeries and why ReLEx SMILE is the best option- Dr Suraj Munjal

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Laser vision correction options at The Sight Avenue are- 1. PRK (1st generation refractive surgery) 2. LASIK (2nd generation refractive surgery) 3. Femto-LASIK/ I-Lasik/ Contura vision/ Bladefree Lasik ( 2nd generation refractive surgery) 4. ReLEx SMILE (3rd generation refractive surgery) ReLEx SMILE is an advanced technique and therefore the latest development in the refractive laser treatments. Beyond Lasik and it’s variants like Contoura Vision, Femto Lasik, Robotic Lasik; it is suitable for patients with dry eyes, contact lens intolerance, and playing contact sports. It has already helped millions achieve freedom from glasses and contacts. To know about ReLEx SMILE treatment in Delhi, speak to our expert today. For more details please contact us: Website-- https://www.thesightavenue.com/ Address- E-82-A, Ground Floor, Greater Kailash-1 New Delhi India - 110048 Call us at- +91 8883330799