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Raphael Korber Hoffman and Jacob Arbeid interview experts around Cambridge about breaking news and political events across the developing world - bringing new insights to events not often discussed in Western media.

The Maghreb

We explore the political and social histories of North West Africa, interviewing academics with expertise in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. We intervie...
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Turkey and Armenia

We head to the Caucasus region to explore the tense relationship between Turkey and Armenia, stemming from the Armenian genocide in 1915 but also invo...
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Southern Africa

Southern Africa has recently seen several significant political shifts, and countries in the region share many historical trends. We interview expert ...
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The Balkans

Described by Bismarck as the "powderkeg of Europe", and later host to the worst genocide on European soil since the Holocaust, we explore what relevan...
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Eastern Europe

Our first episode explores the politics of Eastern Europe with regards to relations between Eastern European countries, their domestic politics, their...
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