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358: Just A Shortie

A quick breakdown of some essential clips in this abbreviated edition of the People's History Podcast. Links Proud Boy begs judge not to send him back...
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357: Herd Mentality

A few examples of officials selectively following the science and how the media can reform and rebrand or destroy a public figure. America's response ...
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356: The Lab-Leak Hypothesis

Almost like a switch flipped, all the major media networks in the States cover the possibility that COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan lab of Virology. Wh...
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355: Incompetence or Strategy

Major problems continue to combine into a stew of disasters for the new president, while America processes another mass shooting event. Video: 355: Un...
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354: Biden's Growing Crisis

Compound emergencies are stacking up for Biden. Plus the real data on who stormed the capital, the very important milestone next month, and why what's...
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353: The Big Package

The media is worried you're rushing back to normal before Biden has a chance to save you. Video: 353 - Live - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/vide...
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352: America is Back

Dropping bombs and making lists. The details about Biden's strike in Syria, plus the moments you need to hear from the FBI Director's Senate testimony...
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351: It's Different This Time

All we have here is a branding problem. Video: 351: Live Video - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/videos/watch/5e3cb94e-9d21-49ad-9b30-ff79b67304b4...
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350: Biden's Mixed Message

It seems the Biden Administration can't get their message straight around COVID-19. I'll break down the problem, and the answers we still need. Plus m...
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349: Why the Democrats Lost

It took just five days, and Trump was acquitted. So what happened? I dig into the key moments from the impeachment that set the stage for Trump's acqu...
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