Unfuck Your Head with Kat Jordan


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Creating a community where understanding Human [mental] health is at the forefront of real change. Our mission is to destigmatize mental health by exploring our experiences within the context of human nature with real stories from real people, about real shit. Owned by Collaborative Family Solutions, LLC

The Anti-Bullsh*t of Mindfulness

There is a lot of misinformation about mindfulness all over social media, some of it is bullshit. And you’re probably doing it wrong and getting frust...
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Fuller with Food - 003

In this episode, Kat interviews Diana Fuller, a psychologist, coach, and the host of the podcast Watered Grass. Diana takes the opportunity to be on t...
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Just Believe - Episode 002

HB Mack shares his story growing up in Brooklyn NY, his foundation of knowledge, and what steps he took to self-heal. A powerful story of trauma and i...
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Spirit of Sarah - Episode 012

Sarah walks us through a single day in her life, where she first experiences the ability to navigate through the weight of depressive feelings into em...
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