Unleashing Truth


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Unleashing Truth exists to help you acknowledge your past, respect your present, and give hope to your future. We deal with healing from trauma and addiction, and learning how to remove our masks to show our most authentic and true selves.

Relationships and Sex

Ben and Sam dive into the deeper waters of the enneagram, talking through how the enneagram informs our interpersonal relationships, and how that carr...
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Triads and Stances

Ben & Guest Enneagram Sexpert Sam @enneagasm dive into the instinctual triads and look at the different stances for each type. Stay tuned for part 2 i...
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Starting with the Enneagram

Ben and guest Bethany start to unpack what it's like to just be at the beginning of the Enneagram journey, what the beginning of self awareness looks ...
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Intro to the Enneagram

Pastor Alex is back with Ben to talk enneagram. What is it and why is it important? Also an update on what is coming next for Unleashing Truth and Ale...
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Recovery 101

Listen as Ben and Patrick discuss the road map to early recovery, the benefits and challenges of 12-step, and get really honest about how deep the str...
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Self Care vs. Self Indulgence

Ben and Kate discuss the differences between what real self care looks like and when a little self indulgence isn’t the worst thing. Join them as they...
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Journey into the Abyss

Join Ben and special guest host, Patrick, as they discuss the meaning of “true rock bottom,” facing the descent into darkness, and the climb back into...
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Patterns are all around us. Sometimes in places we don't even notice right away. How do we interact with and confront the patterns in our lives? Ben a...
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Ben and Kate break down the concept of perceptions. What they are, how they are formed, and how you can change them. Dr. Daniel Kahnemam Ted talk: htt...
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In this episode Ben and new co host Kate talk about Pain and Trauma, where it can come from, and how to deal with it in our own lives. Kate and Ben bo...
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