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Unspookable is a family friendly look at the histories and mysteries behind your favorite scary stories, myths and urban legends. Each week host Elise Parisian discusses such topics as Bloody Mary, Charlie Charlie, and Ouija Boards to find the stories behind the scares. Season 4 coming Spring 2020. (Recommended for ages 8+)

Episode 32: Loch Ness Monster

There are many tales of monsters throughout history -  stories that come and go. But, in the Scottish Highlands, there is a legend of a creature whose...
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Episode 31: The Jersey Devil

Have you ever heard a story about your hometown that you questioned whether or not it was true? Maybe there's a story about a famous person, or someth...
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Introducing: Of Fae & Fiends

This week, Unspookable is excited to share the first episode of Of Fae & Fiends. New episodes released weekly starting March 23, 2021. You can find Of...
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Episode 30: Aliens Part 2

Have you ever heard of Area 51?  What about Roswell, New Mexico?  What if the supposed alien-related events and conspiracies surrounding these two loc...
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Episode 29: Aliens Part 1

Think about the last time you saw an alien. Was it in a book?  Watching a movie? What did it look like?  Now, it’s impossible to say exactly when the ...
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Episode 28: Ghost Ships

You see a crew-less vessel approaching through the fog on a moonless night at sea.. can you trust that your eyes were telling you the truth? Is there ...
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Episode 25: Book of the Dead

What do you think of when you hear the word mummy? Some of us may imagine a bandaged figure, arms outstretched, stumbling through the desert, but did ...
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