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Two man talking about anything and everything. telling funny stories and giving advise on experiences we have had in the past its mostly us talking about interesting topics

Ep119 Ive Been robbed

this week we a little burnt from the weekend but we try our best but juan tells us how they robed his things then we get a little in the te club
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Ep118 You Killed Him

we talk about our first time at a baseball game and how Juan took his sister to get piercings and how Juan was at the club and the women grabbing him ...
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Ep117 every ones nasty

we talk abbot our week and guys sober week and we get in to some hot wheels and we get in to some news and everyone getting hit by lighting
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Ep115 The final meal

we rap up the the weight lose challenge and we give you a look in to what we did on our final diet day with the Tea Talks podcast bois then we talk ab...
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Ep113 weight watchers Week 3

we on week 3 of of weight watchers giving you an update and while we were playing basketball the cars be crashing then we go down to the fair
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EP112 Captain A-Man

A-MAN shows up beating homeless people up on the block. we talk about the weight lose adventure and how we cut wood. gup tells us about how he messes ...
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Ep111 The Healthy Boys

we talk about our weight loss adventure and how we changing our diets our workouts and gups biking adventure then we get to a gas station that has gam...
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