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Our Story Who are we and why choose Up2Me Radio for your podcast listening? Simply put, Up2Me Radio is a community of people who want to be and do better! Through live talk radio and podcast episodes we provide relevant, inspiring, uplifting and motivating conversations for your listening pleasure. Strong faith values are an integral part of our conversation. Our Show Hosts are everyday people, dealing with everyday challenges, and are individuals who overcame personal struggles and in the process discovered a path of success for their own personal impact to be and do better. Our Hosts are transparent and in their authentic voice strive to connect with listeners by sharing their story and journey. Our Hosts also invite guests who can add value to the conversation through their professional expertise and/ or personal stories of survival. Our goal is to provide you with a listening experience that motivates you, affirms your personal dream(s) and provide you with tools and resources to move towards action as you start or reset your daily activities to move you closer to your personal and professional goals. No one can do the “work” for you, it is up to you to be the best that you can be so we invite you to join our #Up2Me community for ongoing motivation, inspiration and support. Listen to us from our website and from any of the most popular podcast APPS such as Apple Podcast, just search for Up2Me Radio, select the episode you wish to listen to and please leave us a review! Join us, engage with us, share us and subscribe at www.up2meradio.com