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A weekly podcast dedicated to Liverpool FC from two from the other side of the pond. We provide match analysis , team news, and preview each week's upcoming matches. Klopp hugs for all! Twitter: @usanfield Facebook:

Space Can Suck It

We troll down memory lane to recount my 48 hours in Madrid the day we the Reds won the European Cup for the 6th time. Get in!
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Today we catch up on quarantine, the joy of watching Trent play Fifa, Market Watch around Timo Werner and the investment opportunity of a lifetime. Wa...
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The Resurrection

The Resurrection! We are back! We catch up, discuss whats transpired in the last two years we have been away, and catch up on some of our favorite mom...
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The Final Curtain

The curtain falls on an incredible season, and incredibly disappointing result in the CL Final and on our show. We relive the Murphy's Law of the Cham...
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Brighton Beat Down

We end the season at home with a 4-0 drubbing of Brighton! We were boss, they were not! We celebrate some unsung heroes and raise Mo to the greatest s...
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