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Exploring the history and mysteries of Maine.

Mary Cowan

Mary Cowan, the Borgia of Maine, murdered four children and two husbands before she was finally arrested. Listen to the bonkers tale of this Maine kil...
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Wood Island Lighthouse

TW: This episode does contain mentions of suicide.  This episode has it all, history, true crime, and one very smart part. It's Wood Island Lighthouse...
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It began appearing on maps centuries ago, this week's episode is the lost city of Norumbega. All sources are listed on and click ...
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Samantha Smith

Happy New Year! This week I'm covering the life, legacy, and tragic death of Samantha Smith.  All sources and transcripts for each episode can be foun...
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POWs in Maine

It's Christmas and I have a holiday tale for you. Learn about WWII POW camps in Maine and the way one family celebrated the holiday with the nazis, bu...
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Sarah Ware

Sarah Ware, 52, resident of Bucksport, Maine, goes missing for two weeks in 1898 before her body is found in a clearing near her home. The case remain...
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You've heard it mentioned a couple times now, the Maine School for the Feeble-Mined, the Pownal State school, etc. This week we take a closer look at ...
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Malaga Island

Susan Collins may have said that she doesn't think systematic racism exists in Maine, but she is very wrong. Delve into the history of this peaceful, ...
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It's episode 3 and we're covering the appearance of Wessie on the banks of Prosumpscot River in Westbrook.  You can find all sources and transcripts o...
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Pauline Young & Andrea Balcer

Hear the tale of two Halloween murders committed seventy-six years apart; murdered Pauline Young in Rockland and murderer Andrea Balcer in Winthrop. H...
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