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We have rough gaming skills, but smooth voices on the Video Games NOW Podcast. Join Rodney and Will and a barrage of guests as we discuss current news in the world of gaming. We’ll review games and breakdown the good, bad and unwanted mechanics, game play elements and Story for you to make the call on if it’s good or trade-able. What sets us apart from the rest? We are an uncensored podcast that shows the true frustration, excitement and disappointment that the average consumer feels on everyday gaming sessions. We would like to build a community around what really brings us together which is ultimately video games! Be sure to also check out our website at to find all of our content and social media links!

Gamescon 2020 Coverage

Rodney, Cole and Will sum up Gamescon 2020 and a new description for Guess That Game! See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Microsoft Flight Sim Review

Rodney talks about his experience flying in the new MSFS 2020. It might surprise you! Also join in on Week 3 of Guess that Game! See
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Super Mario Sunshine Leak?

Will and Rodney basically had a fangasm over this photo which suggests a Super Mario Sunshine remake for the switch. Join us to discuss this in depth ...
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What are you Doing Nintendo?

It seems to be a big secret what Nintendo is up to these days. With only 2 major releases this year and nothing to look forward to really. Rodney, Col...
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Video Game Movies

Today we talk about the good, but mostly bad video game movies from the past present and future. See for privacy and opt-out informa...
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Video Game Movies Trailer

Join Rodney, Will and Cole on The next episode of the video games now podcast where we talk about the good and mostly bad video game movies. See acast...
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