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Meredith Marsh from the VidProMom YouTube channel and blog bridges the gap between blogging and YouTube with weekly episodes that help bloggers get serious about video marketing so they can expand their reach and make more money. Discover what’s working right now with YouTube and blogging, including growth strategies, video tips for beginners, search engine optimization methods, content marketing experiments, and good old-fashioned advice from other YouTubers, Bloggers, and Influencers, each who has triggered growth in their online business by embracing video marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Live Streaming. In upcoming episodes, here from YouTubers like Roberto Blake, Amy (Schmittauer) Landino, and Kelsey Brannen (Premiere Gal) plus bloggers like Kara Benz (Boho Berry), Jenny Ingram (Jenny On The Spot), Beth Anne Schwamberger (Brilliant Business Moms), and Jenny Melrose (Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast).

If you need me, I'll be on hiatus

64: It's time to take a break from the Your Thriving Side Hustle Podcast.LINKSVideo Pursuit Society http://videopursuitsociety.comMeredith Marsh on Yo...
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YouTube Channel Art Ultimate Guide

61: The first thing people see when they land on your channel is the banner at the top of your YouTube page. So here's your ultimate guide to YouTube ...
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How to Identify the Perfect Niche

58: There is no such thing as a perfect niche... but what if there was? How would you know that you found it? LINKS Fast Way to 1k YouTube Subscribers...
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