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Conversations about how to thrive, not simply survive in your 20’s and 30’s. Want to learn every life lesson the hard way? This podcast is not for you. For those of you who are normal, listen in and find out more on how to live your life to the full at

We’re All Freaking Out

Have you heard?! David Marvin released a book called, “We’re All Freaking Out”. Your bible-based strategy to fighting anxiety. In this episode, we tal...
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Where Have We Been?

So if you’re a normal Views listener, you probably noticed that we kind of disappeared this summer. What’s up with that? Well…we’re not OFFICIALLY bac...
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When Should I Say "I Love You?"

In this episode, the team tackles a big one: if you're in a relationship, when is it okay to drop the L word? Can we say it to friends of the opposite...
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What Makes A Good Engagement?

In this episode, the recently engaged JD Rodgers, asks David all his questions about what makes a successful engagement. The team talks through questi...
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Should I Go To A Gay Wedding?

It's pride month, and we want our friends to know we love them ... but we don't want to encourage sinful behaviors. Does attending a gay wedding mean ...
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Why are most sermons boring?

As a kid were you bored in church? Always getting in trouble for messing with your siblings? Yeah, us too. In this episode the team talks about what s...
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Are Mormons Christian?

In this episode David, Laura, and our friend Josh Thames talk all things "mormon"... are they Christians, is it just another denomination, and who are...
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