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A show about games, gamers, game makers and the surrounding culture. Virtual focuses on the titles that laid the foundations of gaming today and those that are paving the way as gaming continues to evolve. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Federico Viticci.

Virtual 58: Space Motorbike

This week Federico and Myke discuss PS2 emulation on the PS4, Star Wars Battlefront, using a bluetooth controller for iOS games, and why they aren't p...
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Virtual 53: 70% Sad

This time Myke is sad about THPS5, Federico is sad about the Vita, but they are both very happy with Shooty Skies.
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Virtual 52: A Cake of Sadness

This time Federico and Myke discuss the delay of Starfox on the Wii U, the news from the Oculus Connect conference, their opinions of Mario Maker, and...
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