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Hello. I'm Robert Paradise This podcast consists of free-thinking and free speech. (#NOJUDGEMENTZONE) The topics I usually discuss vary, from Fashion to Films, Music to Politics, Ideologies to Holistic-living, Food &Traveling, etc. I have an "open-door" policy for this podcast, so if you'd like to join me in conversations: FEEL FREE TO DO SO ! Cover art photo provided by Jason Leem on Unsplash: Support this podcast:

Free Talk

Open-mindedness at its best --- Support this podcast:
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Season 2 Orientation

This is the start up AKA follow-up episode from season 1 of the division podcast season 2 will speak about the same ideas that I described in my bio s...
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I speak of my feelings towards the SNL political review of kanye west's unaired performance, Lil pump and Kanye... and his support towards the MAGA sl...
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Hurricanes and Mac Miller

In this episode, I speak about mental wellness and the cons of mental health, not being able to take care of yourself mentally and coping with other u...
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GROWTH and #Sorry2BotherYou

I speak upon my personal reviews about boots Riley's movie sorry to bother you starring Tessa Thompson, Terry Crews, and lakeith Stanfield.... afterwa...
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Hump Day Motivation

I speak about the current issues of job unemployment, and how it deals with the spirit mind and the emotions of an individual... Also including motiva...
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Weather manipulation in DMV

I'm basically talking about the weather that's going on the sudden weather changes and possible weather manipulation from our government --- Support t...
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PizzaGate &

this discussion is about the pizzagate, John podesta video case, and also ban. --- Support this podcast:
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Cardi B. Threesome rumour

Wanted to discuss about my ideas from the cardi B Chrissy Teigen and Rihanna threesome rumor I want to share my ideas with that feel free to share you...
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