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"Moon" by Zach Goldberg

as silent and holy as an empty church. a polished row of pews. you, moon in the sky, how do you do it? your one-handed gravity holding still the earth...
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"Whero" by Stacey Teague

remember bodies at night how they glow how they bend into us like refracted light the memory of where a body was after it has left its phosphorescence...
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"Manic Pixie POV" by Taylor Jaczin

yeah i’ve got a lighter. can fix your filter. give you honey stick secrets and light tight roll laughter when you call me blue dream like your favorit...
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"Reading Lines" by Mariah Bosch

A man in a powder blue suit offered to tell me my future on Olive Avenue. When I tried to say no, he said Baby, please, in a way that told me that he ...
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"On Sundays" by Sara Hutchinson

I stay in bed til 2 then get up and open all the windows. Make coffee and walk around the 5 x 10 space I call my living room. Turn my attention to the...
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"Invitation" by Tria Wood

When are you going to move closer? The space aches between us. It invents its own language. The jagged edge of the ocean paints the sand dark, retreat...
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