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Ways and Means is a small radio show featuring bright ideas for how to improve human society. The show is produced by the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University.

S6 Episode 5: White Brutality

Throughout the nation’s history, time and again, promising signs of African American progress have been shattered by acts of violence serving the inte...
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Upcoming Episodes

Episode 5 premieres April 7. It will explore white violence against Black people through the decades. Episode 6 premieres April 15 (Live!) Join us for...
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S6 Episode 2: This Land is My Land

A tale of two promises made by the government – one kept, one broken. What happened, and what does this have to do with the existing wealth gap betwe...
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S6 Episode 1: Not So Long Ago

We’re dedicating the entire season of the podcast to this topic: what could have been done, and what could still be done, to start to close the wealth...
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Live: Climate Whistleblowers

Live event for Duke Energy Week 2020. Guests: Hilton Kelley, Goldman Environmental Prize winner. A former Hollywood stuntman, Kelley returned home to ...
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Short Takes: Sandy Darity

In this “Short Takes” episode, host Deondra Rose talks with Prof. Sandy Darity for a continued discussion of reparations. Jentleson's work was the top...
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