We Are Orthodoxy

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Why do some young adults leave the Church, while others stay engaged? Rather than guess, we’ll interview young adults for an important conversation that highlights real stories and real struggles. We Are Orthodoxy empowers young adults to speak for themselves and to tell their own stories of faith and doubt.

Episode 44: You Never Left

Hope has been on an interesting journey through Orthodoxy, that some may even refer to as a "there and back again" story. She discusses her time in ev...
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Episode 43: The Me Who is Here

Randy is in his mid-30s and describes his relationship with the Orthodox Church and his desire to be known fully as the person he really is.
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Episode 40: Orthodoxy or Bust

David is 24 and has been Orthodox for most of his life. In this interview, he discusses his sometimes rough (and sometimes wonderful) relationship wit...
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Episode 39: Stewards of Mystery

Monica is in her 30s and discusses her conflicted relationship with the Church. She touches on the reality of the presence of mystery within the Churc...
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Episode 38: Bridging Gaps

Sandra is a 33-year-old pharmacist living in DC, and she discusses the impact of the division of the Orthodox Churches and its impact on her, her marr...
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Episode 37: Keep Coming Back

Nic is a folklorist, and he describes the notion of how the vegvisir can be something that guides us home if we keep coming back.
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