We Don't Know Anything

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A podcast where we don't know anything, but we don't let that stop us - in the slightest. Join us as we fumble our way through random topics that just sound fun to talk about.

WDKA 11: About Zombies

 We Don't Know Anything roars back to life from quite literal death, aptly discussing zombies. We stagger mumbling and growling through the following ...
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WDKA 10: About The 2017 SEC East

WE'RE STILL ALIVE! After yet another lengthy hiatus, we return with no real plan, so because it's early August, we naturally discussed the upcoming co...
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WDKA 9: About Rocket Science

HEY THERE HI THERE HO THERE! Can we really call it a hiatus if we just seem to take months between every episode these days? Either way, the boys are ...
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WDKA 8: About Boats

After a long and unintended hiatus, your favorite podcast gets back to doing what it does best: talking about (and, alternately, NOT talking about...)...
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WDKA 7: About Parody Podcasts

In this episode, We Don't Know Anything About Parody Podcasts. Brandon was sadly absent due to car trouble, so Cody and Jamie tackled the following to...
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WDKA 6: About Black Holes

In this episode, We Don't Know Anything About Black Holes. The guys tackle the great mystery of black holes, orbiting around these notable conversatio...
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WDKA 4: About Cloning

This week, the fine gentlemen of We Don't Know Anything tackle the vast unknown that is cloning. Just kidding! They talk about everything except that,...
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WDKA 3: About the Olympics

We Don't Know Anything shamelessly panders to current events with this episode, focusing on the upcoming Olympics. Among the topics either directly, i...
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WDKA 2: About Pokémon Go

The guys of We Don't Know Anything noticed a lot of people wandering around town staring at their cell phones, so we're back to discuss Pokémon Go. So...
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