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The What Would We Do Podcast is a weekly delve into one specific niche/industry/business sector to uncover golden sales and marketing insights. The show's hosts David Twigg and Chris Bugden lean on their considerable experience and knowledge to inspire you and help develop your sales and marketing strategies. The podcast is broadcast around the world from sunny Queensland, Australia.

The Facebook Tsunami - URGENT

This episode of What Would We Do focuses on an imminent Facebook change that ALL business owners should be aware of, a direct result of the Cambridge ...
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Real Estate Agency Principals

This episode of What Would We Do, focuses on some ideas for Principals of Real Estate Agencies. Chris and David touch on the experiences of the last 2...
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Content Marketing

This episode of What Would We Do, focuses on content marketing. Chris Bugden puts the microscope on what to consider around your content marketing. To...
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The 7 Pillars Strategy

This episode of What Would We Do, focuses on our 7 pillars strategy. David Twigg and Chris Bugden discuss 3 of the 7 pillars in detail and how all 7 f...
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