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Whatagwan With Spragg and Dan

 This week we welcome back a very special guest...It's the return of Spragg!We talk about the third man on the moon, whoever he was, how the French Ca...
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Dan Solo 9

 Back once again in the Whatagwan audio laboratory which looks suspiciously very much like a loft to chat the bollard that is Matt Hancock, our mates ...
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Dan Solo 2020 Christmas Special

 Join Dan in the Whatagwan audio labratory for 2020 Christmas special.Thanks to all that listened this year, hope you all have an awesome Christmas!
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Dan Solo 8

More improvised nonsense from the Whatagwan Nerve Centre featuring a new audio laboratory, new Presidents and new Babies!We have moved into a new audi...
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Dan Solo 7

  Join us this week as I discuss my greatest fear, global warming or the Moon exploding!
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Dan Solo 6

A lot to cover in this episode, starting with good news! But swiftly followed by bad news and nonsense....This week I talk the return of the Archers, ...
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