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What's Important Now has been airing since 2003. Hosted by Tom Sears, the program takes a look at current events and applies biblical understanding to them. This program focuses heavily on America's Christian Heritage and the fight to ensure it's survival.

America Bows to Molech

On this program Tom shares how Joe Biden's executive orders has helped further America's worship of the god Molech. Also, a special appearance by reco...
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Capitol Chaos and the Trump Test

On this program Tom talks about the events in Washington DC. He explains how Christians should respond. He also looks into the growing Trump Cult. Do ...
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Cycle of Civilizations

On this episode, Tom talks about the eight stages in the cycle of civilizations. He examines America's history and reveals what stage he belives Ameri...
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This Old House

On this program, Tom compares America to a house that was once the envy of the world, but now the foundation is being chipped away at. Will the people...
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