Whitetail Envy

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Whitetail Envy is a podcast that discusses hunting topics, issues, and tactics, mainly centered around whitetail deer. Serious, humorous and informative.

012 - Hunting Shows...Yay or Nay?

In this episode, Scott and Jason discuss the upsides and downfalls of hunting shows. Are they causing division among hunters? Jason discusses his quan...
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009 - This & That

Scott & Jason are back in the studio recording! This episode contains random facts and opinions of landowners allowing hunters to hunt their property,...
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008 - What's Your Trigger?

In this episode, Scott and Jason reveal their triggers for hunting season. What are the sights and sounds which really get them excited for the upcomi...
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007 - Deer Management Plans

In this episode, Scott and Jason each present their take on deer management plans. Should there be antler restrictions? How much should a hunting lice...
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005 - Hunter Recruitment

The number of active hunters is on a national decline. In this episode, Scott and Jason discuss the reasons for the decline and why the PA Game Commis...
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