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WLN Podcast (Whole Lotta Nothing Podcast) is a podcast where we talk about a “Whole Lott’s Nothing”! Tune in every week to see us talk about the things guys talk about on a day to day basis. These conversations have no guidelines or restrictions, and of course no filter. Like, subscribe, leave comments And support the WLN movement!!!

What’s Snitchin?

Podcast Boyz been gone for awhile, but now they are back with a brand new episode but the same Whole Lotta Nothing! This week it’s just Zo, Bobby, and...
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Episode 11 | FUEL CITY TACOS!!!

This episode the podcast boyz celebrate Mil's birthday and his release of his project FUEL CITY TACOS (that is now streaming on all media platforms)  ...
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Episode 9 | In our SPRUNGer Days

Yo this week the podcast boys are joined with the guest appearance of Nick “N Wat”, the little big brother of Bobby “B Wat”....the podcast boys dive r...
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Episode 9 | Sunday Funday

This week the podcast boyz give there rankings and breakdowns on the best day of the week to go out....NBA Free agency....When and How do you tell you...
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F A K E. B O D I E S.

The Podcast Boyz are back after an eventful weekend celebrating Bobby's birthday, with  a Whole Lotta Nothing!!  We get right into the big Trade to LA...
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This week the WLN Boys start off the show talking about the NBA Finals and make there predictions, then try to define what’s does being “in Love” mean...
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Mil is never getting Married

This week we find out that Mil is never getting married as we talk about Kawhi and his amazing playoff run, Da Baby’s viral fight, and should pastor’s...
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Do Abortions Block Blessings?

In this episode the fellas try to tackle the new abortions laws trying to be passed in Alabama, along with should children shows take a stance on soci...
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