Why Are People Into That?!


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WE TOO: Selena the Stripper

“They have no stakes. We have all of the stakes.”In the latest episode of my special series on WE TOO: Essays on Sex Work and Survival, I interviewed ...
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WE TOO: Natalie West

For the first episode of a special series celebrating the release of We Too: Essays on Sex Work and Survival, I chatted with the book's editor Natalie...
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YAPIT Update

Hey YAPIT fans! I'm focusing my energy on SfSx Volume 2, the hustle, and work/life balance in these turbulent times. Listen for a few words on my hiat...
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Annie Rose Malamet: Vampires

“No amount of assimilation or pride has shaken this sense of myself as an inverted dark predatory lesbian.” //Certified lesbian vampire Annie Rose Mal...
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Juno Mac: Interrobang?!

“Kink is an arena where I find tidiness.” //In Part 2 of my talk with Juno Mac, co-author of Revolting Prostitutes, we discuss: great books about sex ...
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SfSx: Jen Hickman Interrobang?!

“The push and pull between clarity and imagination is something I think about a lot in visual storytelling.” //I called up SfSx series artist Jen Hick...
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Shine Louise Houston: Voyeurism

“The funny thing about Crash Pad is: you know that I know that you know that I know that there’s cameras in there." //In Part 2 of my interview with S...
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