Why Did I Open A Restaurant??


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Bakery owner Emily Allport and restaurant owner Julie Bergstrom talk about what it's really like to own a restaurant. From hilarious banter about deliveries being late, people not showing up, and small profit margins...to real advice and information like how much does it really cost to open a restaurant?? This podcast will cover everything you need to know about opening and running a restaurant.

Corona Continues

Emily and Julie continue to discuss the ever-changing landscape of the restaurant industry due to the Corona virus.
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Corona Is Here

Emily and Julie discuss their initial reactions the Corona virus, how it's effected Seattle, and how it's effected their own businesses.
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How To Control Your Overhead

Emily gives her best tips on how to control your overhead. Overhead includes your rent, labor, bills, etc, and if you're not careful, those expenses c...
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Emily and Julie discuss what made them happy as employees and how they're trying to take those same things and give them to their own employees. Staff...
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Raised Doughnuts

Emily and Julie talk with Mi Kim, Owner and Founder of Raised Doughnuts in Seattle.
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Bright Ide Acres

Emily and Julie talk with farm owner, Micha Ide. Micha and her husband own Bright Ide Acres in Orting, WA where they ethically raise chickens, turkeys...
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Money and Everything In-Between

Emily and Julie discuss how much money it took them to get started, the many ways you can get started, and the pros and cons of having an investor.
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The Little Steps

Emily and Julie talk about the past decade, and all of the little steps that have led them to where they are today. From Emily applying for a dishwash...
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