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Winner of Best Comedy Podcast at the 2015 UK Podcasters Awards, every week Jack, Chris and Phil press the Random Article button on Wikipedia and talk woefully under-qualified nonsense about whatever it throws up. Encyclopædia Moronica, if you will.

104 - Bring It All Back

It has taken us three years but we're back with a final whimper. Do follow @jookstew on instagram and @chriswallace123 and @pesharman on Twitter to ke...
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103 - Lovevenge

What do you think of when you think of Canada? Maple Syrup? Poutine? Hit TV show Due South starring Paul Haggis, who looks like what happens if you cr...
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102 - Hula Hoopin'

With Jack gone forever so begins our Saved by the Bell: The New Class years, or that bit in Buffy when she wasn’t at school anymore and had to deal wi...
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100 - A Centennial Extravaganza

Wasn't it lovely of the Queen to send us a telegram for our 100th episode, which is definitely something that happened and we certainly didn't just do...
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098 - Scrutinising Woo-woos

We recorded this episode bloody ages ago, so our cutting edge references to the deaths of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and Jean 'Hilda Ogden' A...
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097 - Worry Bubbles

We're fast becoming the Wikishuffle Mental Health Hour. Please bear in mind that we're not psychologists and our prognosis of everything being fine an...
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