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Let’s talk about everything out of the surface and start looking critically into things. Talk WITH LOIS and Pray WITH LOIS

Mid-Night Talk with Lois

The perfect guide to happiness, kindness, love and 2021. With a twist of humour and authenticity. Life doesn’t have to be that hard guys. Listen and f...
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Take a Break

On this episode, Lois Tarikabor shares her personal experience, highlighting the importance of why breaks are needed and stating obvious signs that yo...
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On this episode, learn how to continuously be joyful. Learn how to choose happiness everyday despite the challenges.
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Story Time With Lois 1

The very first story telling episode on this podcast where I read out my own fiction on time, playing two-three characters and giving you guys good ad...
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Life: Season/Phases & Labels

Not the conventional, stereotypical message on life. Learn about Identity, society mirroring and destiny markers. Learn how you can do like successful...
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Questions with Lois

On this episode, I answered some interesting questions asked by people about me concerning life, relationship, self etc. So many things to learn as I ...
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Listen to the most important podcast yet for 2020. The hard truth is that regardless of the support you have, you’ll face life’s challenges 80% ALONE ...
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