Words by Ally


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Spoken words of life, relationships, Faith and My Truth. Cover art photo provided by Nathan Duck on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@nvte

Pain on Paper

Sometimes words are not enough to describe intention, because you are not sure which could hurt you more the intention or the action.
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Oh Dear!

Writing through life living with love drifting from lies.... #itsnotthatdeep
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Adà àdá- Oge adigi

Ada had to be there for herself. Ada got back on her feet so she could move. There is so much more.... ada ada.
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Dark Crush (PRIDE)

Feels so Good and it’s true, can you reveal the truth about you? Set your soul free, love diversity. We shine in different colors flying high! Way hig...
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Let it go

Holding on to a painful past is the worst way to punish yourself... let go and let Love win. This is my story written from my heart. *Listen to me whe...
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Faded glory

A beast could be beautiful, and you often can find beauty in a beast. But there is a reason why it’s Beauty or Beasty. Listen
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