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What does your health mean to you? What features in society affect it? The tracks on this album explore influences such as stress, housing and employment on everyday health, and examines debates about the relative importance of individual lifestyles and looks at wider public-health concerns and the impact of changes in NHS policy and practice on the delivery of health care. Health is increasingly ‘everybody’s business’. This album will provide you with insight into the debates that surround human health, and will enable you to appreciate and review your own and alternative standpoints and values in this important area of study. This material forms part of The Open University course K203 Working for health.

Radical midwives

London midwives talk about their rebellion against new practices within the NHS, and why they set up the Association of Radical Midwives.
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Gene activists

Activists challenge the safety claims and the science behind the commercial exploitation of GM technology.
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Surviving mental healthcare

A member of the All Wales User/Survivor Network challenges the medical model used by many health professionals to treat people with mental health issu...
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The Findhorn Community

Members of the Findhorn community in Scotland talk about their holistic approach to health and healthcare.
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Doctors' views

Four doctors share views on health and their own interpretation of what it means for their patients
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'Changing Childbirth'

Differing views from health professionals about the 'Changing Childbirth' policy introduced in the early 1990's
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