World Cup Report - Blood Bowl


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Podcast devoted to the World Cup for Blood Bowl in Dornbirn Austria, October 2019!

#66 - A New NEW Direction

Can it be? We're back??? Yes indeed!It's a new new direction and it's much like the old direction, but new. Anyways, is this our best? No.Is it new? Y...
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#65 - A New Direction

Join Steve and Drew as they embark on a strange new (but familiar) journey! There be pirates there.... (this works because Pirates were mentioned in t...
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#64 - OWA

The return of the macks, Steve and Drew. It's time to review a new team and give some hints about future stuff. What future stuff? Who knows! Listen a...
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#63 - The Threes!

Guess who's back? Back again! Drew is back! With a friend (Steve). Yes we're back.Yes we're back.Yes we're back.OoooOOOooooo.In this one, we talk abou...
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#62 - Top Squad

They're back! Steve and Drew come together to chat about the top squad at the World Cup. They break down the squad, the teams and their hearts... mayb...
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#61 - Wrap Up

It's time to talk about the squad performance at World Cup! Join Drew and Steve as they go over results, thoughts and places they could have done bett...
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#60 - Second Chance

Join Steve and Drew as they finish off the crew with the other half of 3 Die Block. Chance comes in and talks about his Khemri experience at the World...
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#59 - Scott Hess 2 The Hessening

Scott Hess returns to give his insight into the World Cup. Join Drew and Steve in their continued adventures through the World Cup of old and give hin...
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#57 - Return of the Brad

#57 - Return of the Brad Join Drew and Steve as they welcome Brad to return and chat about his adventures at the World Cup. Not really what more you w...
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