Worse Than You Remember


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Welcome to Worse Than You Remember! We are Austin and Bess, and this is a podcast where we take a look back at all of your favorite childhood movies and tell you why they're Worse - or sometimes Better - Than You Remember. For Season 1 we'll be doing every DCOM ever. That's right. Every. Disney Channel Original Movie. Ever. To keep things interesting, we randomly pick our next movie at the end of each episode (other than a few scheduled movies for certain holidays), so that you can watch along with us!Tune in every Monday for new episodes as we dive into our pasts and cringe at what we find.

Episode 14: Johnny Tsunami

Who could’ve seen this coming? A DCOM with a male lead who we don’t despise? A heartwarming plot filled to the brim with non-toxic male figures? ZENON...
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Episode 13: The Thirteenth Year

We're back from our almost 3 month long quarantine hiatus to talk about The Thirteenth Year! This movie was originally supposed to be the very first e...
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Episode 11: Zapped!

This week, we dive into the world of apps and smartphones and are graced by the QUEENLY presence of Zendaya as we watch Zapped! Who is a rat? How do w...
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Episode 9: Stuck in the Suburbs

We are stoked to be watching one of Bess' favorite DCOMs of all time this week with Stuck in the Suburbs! Join us as we dive into one of Taren Killam’...
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Episode 8: Jump In!

Take a hop, skip, and a jump in to this episode as we take a look at Jump In! This week it's Corbin Bleu vs Keke Palmer, our first official REGIONAL W...
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Episode 7: The Poof Point

We took it there with this one. Facing childhood fears (that were possibly CREATED by this movie??), hip-hop history, and some serious cases of You Di...
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