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Sophisticated News. But Not in That Pussy, French Way.

The Last of February!

Hey! You have a computer! Great job on finding the best internet out there. That's right, you've found the Communique. It's like finding Waldo, but if...
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The First of February!

Hey Internet! It's us, The Communique! We've got a new show on now, and it's pretty good. It's Sam Fox-Hartin, Kelly Zentgraf, and Adam Leighton. We t...
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The Last Of January

The Communique came back even stronger with its second installment in this still young year. So play some Mad Libs, and talk about Iceland with your f...
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If you're on the internet, and you can read this, well, then you've come to the right place. Why? you might ask. Because this is the COMMUNIQUE! This ...
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A Very Communique Christmas

Hey all of you internet-using people,It's the return of the Communique! We've got our holiday special done, just in time for you to talk about it whil...
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The Communique! 11/21/08

Back from Thanksgiving, eh? Well, if you didn't get trampled on Black Friday you can listen to this week's edition of THE COMMUNIQUE! with Amanda Lesl...
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The Communique! 10/31/08

Here's our broadcast from Halloween Night, where we interviewed the President of the College Democrats, Cory Struble.The Communique - 10-31-08.mp3Be s...
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!The Communique! 11/7/08

This is our broadcast from November 7th, 2008. We were scheduled to interview Conor Rodgers, a member of the College Republicans E-Board, but he did n...
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TestWRGW 30 Spot Pete Francis.mp3Here is the podcast of our most recent show.
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