Writhing for Wings

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Tony, Dylan, and Connor make a podcast. No, it is not very good. Yes, you should listen to it anyways.

WFW Episode 11: Weekly Podcasts

We continue our standard of releasing episodes weekly. Also, there's about 15 seconds of dead noise at the end that I didn't notice until after export...
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WFW Episode 10: New Challengers

In this tenth episode spectacular, we invited as many guests as possible. Returning guest Zelda and new guest Tingle show up for the beginning of the ...
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WFW Episode 9: Scatman

This week, we have Zelda/Crazo/Matt back from episode 3 as a guest. Bodily fluids, Japan, Batman, and other random topics. This episode is just a LITT...
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WFW Episode 8: Ievan Polka

In this episode, we discuss Harry Potter, LA Noire, Bill S.978, Mexican food, Five Guys, and more. Thankfully for us, The Link found a soundboard. Tha...
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WFW Episode 7: In a World

IN AN EPISODE, WITH TOPICS. We talk about quite a few things including tinkering, Transformers, Robin Williams, PeeWee Herman, Princess Peach, and mor...
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WFW Episode 6: My Immortal

Another episode under our belts, and we may have become less organized. Either way, this week we cover punny jokes, jailbait, Hugh Hefner, Ryan Dunn, ...
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WFW Episode 5: Ostr-onauts

We're a little late this week, but Episode 5 we talk about Tony becoming an alcoholic, iPhones in space, ostr-onauts, Twilight, laughing, DEATH and la...
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WFW Episode 4: Christrina Hendrux

NOTE: The intro is quiet. Don't destroy your ears by turning up the volume for the rest of the episode. We finally have a decently structured episode....
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WFW Episode 3: Neoderps

We talk about Dougie, Neopets, Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, and more in this extra-long rebirth episode. We also have an unplanned special guest, Ze...
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